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WNBA - rebrand and campaign

The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) doesn’t get the same respect as other professional sports leagues.

By framing the players as role models and professionals, they earn the respect that they deserve from the people that they want to inspire. Not everyone will respect them as professional athletes, but people do look up to them for good reason.

By the way, this project won a 2018 Silver Student Addy Award. Yay!

lil' dreamer

He wants to show his young daughters who to look up to and what they can become. Sometimes, professional athletes are seen in bad light, but WNBA players are more than just athletes—they’re role models.

lil' dreamer's dad

She wants to be a professional athlete when she grows up, and she looks up to older athletes. She likes to go to games with her family because it makes her want to get better at basketball.

basketball buff

This true sports fan doesn’t care about the hype of the NBA or if the players are male or female. He’s just wants to enjoy the sporting event and the atmosphere that comes with it.

“If they had a nude women's cooking league, I'd probably watch that. Otherwise, women's sports are always a pale shadow of the real games.” user

“It’s just not a great quality of basketball honestly. It’s a man’s game, plain and simple.” user

But wait... there's more!

Check out the JuniorTeam sub-brand that I created for the WNBA as well.

JuniorTeam - WNBA Sub-brand

One of the most important user groups for the WNBA are the lil dreamers, These are the kids that play basketball and aspire to be the best that they can be.

There are a lot of different NBA teams that have kids’ memberships, and it allows the kids to get up close and personal with the athletes and learn from them. This is a very important aspect for the WNBA since the new strategy is to position the players as role models.

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